For the sixth consecutive year, Clas Håkansson showcased his art at the Båstad Nordea Championships. Throughout the two-week tournament, visitors were introduced to Clas Håkansson’s latest original paintings and exquisite glass sculptures that enhanced the experience of the summer highlight in Båstad.


Clas Håkansson embarked on a unique artistic journey when commissioned to craft a handmade glass sculpture for Richard Branson’s luxurious estate, Son Bunyola, set amidst the enchanting landscapes of Mallorca, Spain.

The resulting masterpiece, now gracing the luxury estate, pays homage to the distinct identity of the Son Bunyola brand.


Nestled within the vibrant ambiance of the ATP Mallorca Championship 2023, artist Clas Håkansson unveiled an enchanting showcase of his distinctive art. The grass-court tournament, revered as a crucial lead-up to Wimbledon, provided an exquisite backdrop for Håkansson’s artistery. Amidst the compelling tennis matches Clas Håkansson not only presented a fresh collection of original paintings and intricate sculptures but also crafted the winning trophy – a stunning glass sculpture given to the tournament’s champion.


Clas Håkansson’s artistic journey has reached new heights. In the vibrant cityscape of Dubai, his original works have found a home at the prestigious Nobu Restaurant. The fusion of Håkansson’s contemporary art with the sophisticated ambiance of Nobu enhances the dining experience, creating a harmonious blend of culinary and visual delight.

Venturing into the heart of Japan, Håkansson’s paintings have also been featured in a sake brewery, adding a touch of artistic flair to the traditional craft of sake-making. This unique collaboration brings together the rich cultural tapestry of Japan with Håkansson’s modern artistic expression.