The international wine artist. His style is easily recognizable, featuring a naked bottle with a realistic painted label of the favorite wine he himself enjoys or the one requested by the artwork’s commissioner. Over the years, the technique has evolved, been refined, and has become its own distinct style. Clas has also hosted numerous exhibitions in New York City, Rome, Cape Town, Luxembourg, Mallorca, Marbella, and Dubai, to name a few.

His paintings decorate the walls of wine producers and art enthusiasts worldwide. In 2019, Clas received the prestigious commission to decorate the renowned global restaurant chain NOBU with his art. He even had his own ART-WEEK DINNER at their restaurant in Marbella.

Today, Clas is also a glass designer at Orranäs Glasbruk, Orrefors in Småland, where he works with art glass and his own design under the brand name ’ART FROM THE WINE.’ In the autumn of 2021, a ’POP-UP’ collection in collaboration with KOSTA BODA / Swedish Music Elite / Clas Håkansson was launched.

Join the ranks of the world’s finest vineyards and wine producers. Order a painting of your favorite wine, perhaps from a wine trip or a wine experience. Today, Clas also enjoys considerable trust around the world with assignments as a designer and creator for producers looking to develop and create new wine and spirit labels.

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